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My work has always been centered in the individual.  It is rooted in the myriad ways in which we experience, respond, interact, behave, become.  I am inspired by the absurd.  I respond to irony. My imagination is activated by the imperative of folly. The material necessity of the work is ever-changing, based on the stimuli of daily life.  Father, teacher, laborer, artist, human, student, idiot, seeker, witness, creator, accident, animal, and thinker - these are my sources, and endless variations of their influence perpetuate my practice.

On feeling the full effect of becoming; being material; moments as constitution:


My use of disparate constituent materials reflects the importance of the part/whole relationship in my work.  I am moved by acknowledgment of systems and constructs, conscious and unconscious, and on every level; how we form understanding of self as a system, and of self, within larger systems.  Materials are married to become objects, objects become images, images become a part of a language, and this language, perception.  Every part of my experience is in the work, in recognition of myself as part of a whole, and my moments as my constitution.

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